You know that you are capable of achieving so much more than what you are accomplishing right now. So why aren’t you doing it?

When it comes time to make a bold decision and follow it up with taking ballsy action . . . you start to hesitate and procrastinate.

Saying that you or your business is “at a crossroads” is really just another way of saying that  “You’re stuck.  You’re scared. And freaking out right now because you and your business have plateaued. You know you have to get some cash in the door NOW!”

Average SUCKS!  Average sucks up your motivation. It sucks up your intelligence. And average sucks the profit right out of your bottom line.

The next shiny object or bigger, better bonus that your competition offers . . . and your clients are gone. And they will take their money with them.

The truth is, average is an addiction! That’s exactly why I wrote about it in my book, AVERAGE IS AN ADDICTION, From Mediocre to Millions

In it, I address the question I get a lot,  “How does someone with only a high school diploma go from receptionist to becoming the owner and CEO of a $20 million commercial construction company?"

The bottom line is this – I made a choice not to accept average. And you have the same choice to make for yourself.


I also discovered a common thread among smart, capable, talented people who want to …  Earn top money – the really big bucks.  They want to be recognized. To be known as a leader in their industry.  And they want the appreciation and respect they deserve.

They want all that – they’re just not getting it.

Now of course there can be multiple reasons for this but a main culprit is what I’ve identified as Touch and Run.

They touch and run. They touch excellence and run back to average. Really get this. You touch excellence … then run back to where it feels safe. You run back to the comfort of average.

Average people do not make top money. But here’s the funny thing. Even the money at the level of excellence isn’t average. Ever see someone whip a wad of cash out of their pocket? Nothing but hundred-dollar bills baby! That is definitely not average!

Some coaches, gurus or so-called experts will try to sell you on their program or home study course where you can learn the “5 Easy-Breezy Steps to helping you Make 6-figures and start having the life-style of your dreams.”

It’s a nice idea – but really, how effective can these programs be when most of the people offering them are average, struggling and broke? Tough words for sure, but just like average breeds average, to be highly successful and develop your competitive edge, you need to work with someone who has done it for them self.

No matter who you are or what level of success you have accomplish, we all have areas of average. Every single one of my clients who are entrepreneurs, business professionals, and athletes, including pro golfers and NFL players from the Baltimore Ravens, Green Bay Packers, San Francisco 49ers, Dallas Cowboys and more.  Each one has identified their areas of average – and has made the choice to move into excellence. They have created their clear and competitive edge.

Right now I may have ruffled your feathers a bit or at the very least you’re thinking and questioning at a deeper level. And if so, that’s actually a good thing. It means those competitive juices are bubbling up wanting to know more.

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Remember:  No more 'Touch and Run' …  It's time to 'TOUCH and STAY' in Your Excellence!